Be a Farmer

It is a high time for those who want to explore the farmer inside of them, to visit The Silent Valley-Alchauna is one of the agritourism destinations, where we usher you and make you learn the fundamentals of cultivating, furrowing, water system, cultivating and harvesting. We have well kept farm with the availability of all kinds of hardware amenities and all other requirements of farming. It is one of the agritourism goals where you get tips on all types of cultivating, conventional farming, organic cultivating, modern day strategies of farming and polyhouse farming.

There are more than 7 million diesel pumps utilized on farms in India, which just add more to the air contamination with unfriendly wellbeing suggestions. To publicize clean energy, an innovation, which does not require diesel, power or any fake source of energy is utilized to lift water up to 200 meters. This is a spectacular thing to see and to teach society about clean energy sources at The Silent Valley Bhimtal. Attempt your hand, get associated with mother earth and improve your kitchen garden by visiting rural tourism destination. This place will nurture your inner self and bring out the best in you.

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Bee Keeping

At Silent Valley-Alchauna, we provide you a great opportunity to observe the sophisticated structure of bee civilization. From the guards at the hive entry, to the nurses tending the little, to the “energetic females” and “lazy males,” to the glaring elusive queen, each bee has a place inside this complex community.
Get your hands-on at the beehive, their life cycle, learning how to care for bees, benefits of honey and make wonderful products from wax and honey. Get a memorable experience to “suit up” in a beekeeping suit, and to get as up close and intimate with the bees as they wish…a thrilling experience and great photo opportunity!

Visit, stay and join these social and cooperative insects.

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Cow Milking

A great opportunity to get close to these friendly animals. Accessible experience giving direct contact with these wonderful animals; learn how animals are looked after, their feed and the food they produce with engaging and inspiring results.
Here you join us in our milking parlour to see where milk comes from before it gets to the supermarket shelf. Elders are very welcome to try it too – it’s often one of those ‘things to do’ on an adult’s bucket list.

Visit, stay and meet our Kamdhenu…..

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