Agritourism Activities

When talking about agritourism, there can be no better place than India as 80% population in India is associated with the agriculture sector and a large section of population is that of farmers. Agritourism not only involves entertainment, enjoyment and relaxation but also a deeper understanding of farms, fields and hands-on experience of the life of a farmer. The Silent Valley offers the tourist many Agritourism activities like involvement in mulching, harvesting competitions; tree climbing, edible adventure, honeybee keeping, cow milking, etc. could generate a lot of joy.  It is one of the best Agrotourism destinations in India. You can enjoy Farmstay in Uttarakhand and hands-on experience in farming and practically revise your lessons from the chapter on agriculture read in your primary school.

If you are a travel freak and are looking for a change in your holiday plan, Agritourism can be your pick. If frequent vacations to beaches, hill stations and similar packages with boring lodging and itineraries don’t excite you anymore, you should go for Agritourism this time. Knowing the land a little more closely and experiencing the super-natural power of nature to feed you can be an amazing experience and can turn your life more meaningful. Agriculture still rules the Indian economy and it’s an imbibed culture of every Indian, farms are an integral part of us and most families in the country take pride in owing a piece of farmland.

The Silent Valley offers you an awesome homestead for your vacation in Uttarakhand. The enchanting view of the mountains and wonderful climate of the region will drive you crazy at The Silent Valley. As goes the name, the place captures the silence of the valley in its perfect shape and gives you a world of solace, serenity and silence. Away from the madness of the urban lifestyle, it is the perfect destination for Farmstay in Uttarakhand. With a perfect Kumaoni atmosphere, the food provided here is the simple food made in the mountains prepared with organic vegetables from our farms. Nothing can beat this hands on experience and a glimpse into the life of people in Kumaon.

On visiting the place one will surely understand how Jim Corbett would have fallen for the place and given it his heart and soul. With its striking view and humble hospitality will never disappoint you and once you experience it personally, you would identify Uttarakhand and Agritourism with us.